Transforming Businesses with AI-Driven Private Equity Strategies

Our mission to empower businesses with AI-driven insights for rapid, impactful decisions.

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More than 80% of businesses suffer from data paralysis

Generative AI for

Unlike traditional BI tools that demand data in a clean, orderly format, Intriq uses generative AI to ingest and interpret data directly from its source, no matter how unstructured. This dramatically reduces the time and effort spent on data preparation.

Automated Root-Cause

Our technology quickly sifts through extensive datasets to identify underlying causes of performance disparities. This means businesses can understand the ‘why’ behind the numbers without dedicating hours to manual data analysis.

Strategic Intelligence

We enrich data analysis with strategic insights, considering external factors like seasonal trends or demographic nuances. This allows businesses to make informed decisions beyond what’s evident in their data alone, such as optimising promotions or adjusting offerings based on location-specific information.

How does Intriq solve these problems?

With the use of Gen AI, Intriq provides the flexibility to tailor insights to diverse datasets

Our platform is built upon these powerful, proprietary strategies based on private equity playbooks

Predictive Machine Learning dives deep offer meticulous numerical analysis to inform and craft data-driven strategies

Innovation at the Core

Intriq is an AI-powered data strategist backed by PE playbooks ready to help your business grow its profitability

Powered by our AI agents


Discovers hidden root causes behind your financial data


Utilises PE playbooks that
suggest meaningful actions


Creates predictive models to
show impact of change

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